Giveaway Winner Announced!

Many thanks to all who entered the giveaway to win a copy of my novel, Permelia Lyttle’s Guide to the End of the World.  I’m gratified to know that you’d all like to read my novel to find out all about Luray and Jason’s adventure! I wish I could send you all a copy! Now […]

Book Giveaway: Permelia Lyttle’s Guide to the End of the World

According to the Mayans, the end of the world may be only three short weeks away. It’s a good thing Luray Flitch is on the job. With help from Permelia Lyttle’s crumbling manuscript and his trusty dog, Jason, he has a plan for any hapless survivors. If only people would stop trying to shoot him. […]

“A Few Good Readers” Giveaway

My novel, Permelia Lyttle’s Guide to the End of the World is a book in need of an audience. If you love to read fiction, especially satire, then maybe you can help. I’m looking for a few good readers to read my novel and then help me spread the word about it via reviews on […]

Read “Permelia Lyttle’s Guide” Before It’s Too Late!

The Mayan calendar runs out in December 2012. Does that fix the end of our world just a few months away? Or did the master stone carver simply run off with a waitress? The Incas favored 2013 and the Hopis are waiting for some type of white buffalo–it would seem that we’re safe for the […]

The future of civilization is in the hands of Luray Flitch

The end of the world is coming, and you’re invited! One day in 2005, I imagined what it might be like to find a lost diary that contained valuable information about the end of the world creeping up on us. At the same time, I was muggled by a candy store variety of prescription drugs […]